Here Are 6 REASONS Why You Should Attend THIS Judging Workshop!

As a member of Toastmasters Club, you’ll be exposed to many different workshops – from leadership, to speech improvement to judging! Of all the different Toastmasters-endorsed workshops, the judging workshop is one of the most specialised and most often begs these questions: “Why would I want to attend a judging workshop? How can I benefit from this?” Here are SIX crucial reasons why…

1. Contestants expect and deserve a high calibre judge so you’ll need to learn what’s expected of a good judge.

By high calibre, we mean someone who’s fair and impartial. Aside from these qualities, a good judge is also expected to be trustworthy, accurate, knowledgeable and a good listener.

Because there are high expectations of a judge, and even higher expectations of a Toastmasters judge, it is indeed crucial for all aspiring judges to attend a judging workshop so he or she will learn the requirements and commitments needed of a judge as well as valuable information on how to meet those requirements.

2. You’ve already been to a judging workshop, so why do you need to attend another one?

Here’s food for thought: not all judging workshops are the same. Requirements and rules will change. In order not to be left behind or even worse, left out, existing and aspiring judges should attend a judging workshop featuring experienced and knowledgeable judges (like the upcoming Sunway Toastmasters Club judging workshop featuring Ramdas and Dinesh Jayabalan…pssst!) so they’ll effectively be updated on the latest judging rule books.

3. The BEST WAY to learn is to get hands-on practical experience…

There are no two ways around it – when it comes to learning, the quickest way to learn the ropes is to Just Do It – as the immortal Nike tagline goes.

The judge’s training module crafted by Ramdas and Dinesh Jayabalan is packed with real-life judging scenarios designed to encourage thought, debate and learning as you go along. This is a judging module that encourages hands-on learning, so you won’t just be reading about situations and learning them by rote, but actually experiencing and discovering things about yourself as you immerse yourself in the training programme.

4. You’ll get to learn Judging Methods according to the International Toastmasters Judges’ Training Guide

Learning through the Judges’ Training Guide is the most legit way to learn the ropes. The Toastmasters judging method is based on fairness, integrity and dignity and is the benchmark which all Toastmasters judges are measured against. These steps and methods have been formulated to be consistently fair and effective. And as not everything in your judging journey will be plain sailing, our seasoned judges cum speakers will be able to help you identify the problems ahead of time and troubleshoot them.

5. This workshop will STILL benefit you even if you aren’t keen on judging

Even if you aren’t setting your heart on being a Toastmasters Judge, this workshop will still be helpful because it’ll give you valuable insights into the judges’ thought process and requirements. By knowing how judges judge and what they’re looking for in speeches, you’ll be able to craft your speech so it fits well with the judging criteria.

6. So You’ll Know the Difference between An Evaluator and a Judge

While judging and evaluating may have similarities, they aren’t the same. The judge’s role in a competition is simply to judge. While at evaluations, the speaker’s pros, cons and points of improvement would be highlighted at the session. It is important to know the difference between these roles so both these roles are well represented and carried out.

So there you have it, SIX good reasons why you should attend Sunway Toastmasters Club’s So You Think You Can Judge Workshop! The unique perspectives and contrasting delivery styles of both our speakers, Ramdas and Dinesh J. will ensure a workshop session that’s filled with learning points, entertainment and laughter. If learning through practical knowledge is most effective, learning through laughter and entertainment would be most enjoyable. 🙂

* Sunway Toastmaster’s Club’s So You Think You Can Judge Workshop is taking place on the 18th August 2018 at Menara Sunway from 9am -3pm. If you’re excited by this exciting workshop and can’t wait to sign up😜, click here to join RIGHT NOW!

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Meeting #02: THIS GUY just shut down the pineapple pizza debate. PERIOD!

By Christine Choong Ing Xin

 “What do you do when you have a combination of unicorns (on TME Aster Lim’s jumper), out-of-the-box meeting ideas (kudos Table Topics Master Tan Chee Yoong with his Pineapple Pizza and Male vs Female debates / Table Topics Sessions and sporting participants like Dinesh Jayabalan, Yeam Kah Mun, Christine Choong and Jason Teo. Answer: A super PANAS (hot) meeting enjoyed by all with high participation from members and guests!” – Christine Choong

So with all the condiments above making for a meeting to beat all meetings, the following were the ingredients that made our second meeting of the term a yummilicious one despite talk of fools 😜 (the theme of the evening was: Arguing With a Fool Proves That There Are Two)…


Aaron Koh, the invocation speaker that evening, defined the meaning of a fool and set the tone for the rest of the evening in his speech. “A fool is like a naive child who argues for the sake of arguing; without purpose. As we grow older, we come to realise the importance of choosing our arguments and not getting stuck in a dead end where there is no way out/solution,” he said,

Table Topics

As Table Topics Master, Tan Chee Yoong was on fire!! He spiced up his session by having two table topics speakers colliding head on in a heated debate on some foolish yet funny topics. Dinesh Jayabalan sizzled in the pineapple on pizza debate and convincingly shut down opponent Yeam Kah Mun in a drama-filled showdown! In an unexpected plot twist, table topics speaker Jason Teo actually sided with his opponent Christine Choong in the age-old debate: Men vs Women, who makes a better parent?

Humor session

Darryn Chiew told us a motivating story about being fooled by his brother to join a marathon and how he finally finished his run when he stopped comparing himself with others, and focused instead, on moving forward, one step at a time.

Project Speech Session

Anupama Ravella talked about the disadvantages of being a lefty (left-handed) in a world dominated by righties and how certain famous lefties had managed to rise above their difficulties and succeed in life.

And Carmen Yoon talked about rediscovering the passion of loving what you do so that work will no longer feel like a chore.

Meanwhile, Ronny gave a demonstration of how he would educate and inspire new unit trust consultants so they could go out and sell convincingly to the general public.


Sharon Foo , the general evaluator of the night spearheaded the evaluation session with assistance from the technical team and speech evaluators. With their spot-on evaluations, all participants, members and guests had a smooth and learning-filled meeting.

Last but not least, the signature Sunway Toastmaster Club wefie group photo to complete the meeting!🤗

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Meeting #01: 5 Ways Our Members Showed Off Their SUPERPOWERS!

Text & photography by Lim Chuan Yang

Superwoman Woon Yean Yi shows off her superpower!

“Have you always wanted superpowers? How would you get them? Before you jump into that vat of radioactive waste, consider this: did you know Toastmasters gives you superpowers? I bet you didn’t.”

Lim Chuan Yang

1. Invocation

In our quest for these elusive superpowers, we first learnt that power and responsibility are two halves of a whole from invocation speaker, Anupama. One without the either will only lead to the current state of world affairs, where two world leaders bicker on Twitter over who has the larger and more dangerous nuclear button.

2. Table Topics

Switching up table topics was Aaron! He led us through a journey of self-discovery where table topics speakers had to choose from a list of superpowers, one through to 10, and speak about the power that they had selected.

3. Installation

With that done, it was down to business as Immediate Past President Woon Yean Yi installed the new exco team for the term. Behind every club is a team of superheroes, striving tirelessly to keep the club running and the road less bumpy. This is the Executive Committee of the club, and today is the day they took up the mantle of responsibility for the care of the club!

4. Project Speeches

Stephen Homer brought us along with him on his super secret superhero work, studying how companies use Corporate Social Responsibility to improve the communities around them. Yean Yi then used her powers of mind reading to transport us to the mind of a poker playing teenager in trouble with the police while Ben used a calming influence (Yes! That can be a super power too!) to defuse a bunch of angry reporters.

5. Evaluations

Led by the vivacious Chloe Ong of Area J2, the evaluators fed us the breakfast of champions so that we might grow as strong as a superhero!

In the end, we didn’t gain super strength or the ability to see the future. But the superpower we got was no less critical for us in our admittedly more mundane lives, the ability to clearly communicate with our fellow human beings as well as the ability to speak publicly in front of an audience, widely accepted to be the most common fear in the world.

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