VOICES – Sunway TMC Newsletter Issue 1 (2016/2017)

Dear members,

Have you been keeping up to date with what’s going on in our club? A few months into the term, and now it is a great time to read and reflect on what happened in the club with VOICES – Sunway Toastmasters Club’s very own newsletter. With articles contributed by you, the members, the PR team have been sure to capture each and every one of your voices into print and paper. Keep your Toastmasters journey alive with VOICES – the newsletter made by members for members.

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28 July 2016 – Life Is Full Of Surprises, Isn’t It?

On the 28th of July 2016, the Installation of the Sunway Toastmasters Club (Sunway TMC) 2016/2017 Club Officers was held in combination with a regular meeting.

The evening began with Invocation Speaker, Johnny Ng sharing that he is passionate about attending every toastmasters meeting. This is because every toastmasters evening is a surprising affair with the different fascinating people he meets each and every time. He ended his speech with a challenge that we strive to meet someone new today.

Table Topics Session took an interesting twist this evening. Table Topics Master, Jonathan Moh laid out different items on a table and invited brave souls to select an item, with each item bringing a topic title.

Danny was the first speaker who took up the challenge. He selected half a tissue paper and was given the topic title ‘Sometimes We Only Get Half Of What We Want’. He optimistically related it to the glass-half-full situation. Second speaker, Benedict selected a cookie with topic title ‘The Most Surprising Meal’. He hilariously linked it to his ant-eater episode. Third speaker, E.J. selected a pair of keys. With topic title ‘Surprises Sometimes Come In Pairs’, he concluded that surprises sometimes do not come in pairs. Fourth speaker, Vin Kit chose a pen and was given the topic title ‘People Often Say The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword. How Will The Pen Defeat The Sword?’.

The rally of male contenders continued with fifth speaker, Keagan selecting a chain of keys with topic title ‘What Are The Ties That Bind You?’. He shared we are bound by the ties of the people we meet and ended with a profound question on whether we want to break them or build them. Sixth speaker, Mahathir selected a small key with topic title ‘Sometimes The Biggest Surprises Come In Small Packages’. He delivered an anecdote about his dad who gave the biggest gift of the heart in a small red packet during the festivities. The last speaker, Seki selected a journal with topic title ‘What Is The Chapter Of Your Life That Has Most Surprised You?’. He entertained the audience with hilarious accounts of his various love stories.

The evening followed with the Installation of the Sunway TMC 2016/2017 Club Officers. 2016/2017 Area C4 Director, Lee Hui Kean took over and proceeded to discharge the 2015/2016 Club Officers off their duties and responsibilities:

  • Current Immediate Past President – Ivan Chow
  • Past Vice President of Education – Rubeinthiran Gunasagaram
  • Past Vice President Membership – Bob Hansen
  • Past Vice President of Public Relations – Perlyn Ng
  • Past Secretary – Aaron San
  • Past Treasurer – Jocelyn Sam
  • Past Sergeant-at-Arms – Jessica Chan

We thank all of you for your accomplishments and salute you for your service.

Area C4 Director, Lee Hui Kean then sworn in the 2016/2017 Club Officers, with each member promising to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities.

  •  President of Sunway Toastmasters Club – Rubeinthiran Gunasagaram
  •  Vice President of Education – Woon Yean Yi
  •  Vice President of Membership – Joycelyn Sam
  •  Vice President of Public Relations – Bob Hansen Asim
  •  Secretary – Chua Hui Jen
  •  Treasurer – Melissa Theseira
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Benedict Leong

We wish the team its best in undertaking its duties and responsibilities for the term ahead.


Area Director C4, Kean (leftest) officiates EXCO for the term 2016/2017 : (left to right) President, Rubein; Vice President of Education, Yean Yi; Vice President of Membership, Jocelyn; Vice President of Public Relations, Bob; Treasurer, Melissa; Sergeant-at-arms, Ben

Next in line on the agenda was the Project Speech Session. Speaker Grace Kwan tackled the Advanced Manual: Specialty Speeches with speech title ‘Be a True Friend’. She uplifted us with an anecdote about her childhood friend, Grace whom saved her from being accused of wrongdoings by her two-faced friends.

In tandem with the Club Officers Installation, speaker Jocelyn Sam delivered a Special Club Series speech entitled ‘Meeting Roles and Responsibilities’. She compared the structure of a toastmasters meeting to that of a house. Each building block of a house is important for its completion just as each leadership role in a toastmasters meeting.

The meeting ended with the award session with Seki from REAL Toastmasters Club bagging the Best Table Topic Speaker award.


Best Table Topic Speaker, Seki Ng from REAL Toastmaster Club

Written by,
Alicia Ng

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14 July 2016 – A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

On 14th July 2016, the first meeting for the new term 2016/2017 was called to order by Sergeant-at-Arms, Benedict. Invocation speaker, Yean Yi set the theme of the meeting, “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed” by sharing on the meaning of friendship. She engaged the audience by asking questions such as having friends and being independent. She mentioned that independent was a sign of weakness as surely you could be independent but you would need friends to depend on to have fun in life. Our meeting was livened up by several visiting toastmasters. With this, our Toastmaster-of-the-Evening, Melissa hosted an interactive session on history of toastmaster international. The meeting proceeded with introduction of word of the evening by language evaluator, Thaneswary from Sunway University Toastmaster Club and the word was “intricate”, meaning very complicated or detailed.

Next, Table topics master, Edrea introduced that the purpose of table topic session was to be able to hone thinking skills by practising impromptu speeches. She reminded that each speaker would be given 30 seconds to think on the topic. The first brave soul, Wai Hong shared how a friend had influenced him to take up hiking as a sports on the topic “Which friend shakes your life most and how?”. Initially, he had been thinking hiking was unimportant on the point-of-view that it was only about reaching the peak. Little did he know that hiking was actually difficult and challenging and he had been hiking ever since the time his friend had first brought him to a hike. The third brave soul, Azwan shared his view on the topic “Would you agree that your parents are your best friends?”. He admitted that he did not confide in his parents when he had problems. He acted out asking his father to play lego as a child and his father response would be “Daddy could not play lego because of backache”, certainly humorous. Moreover, he added that some would say parents should not be too close as it was disruptive. The third brave soul, Ibrahim shared on “What is friendship to you?”. In his personal view, he believed that friendship was to share everything and having something in common. He shared that he used to tease a friend and hated each other. However, as they stayed on spending time together, he discovered that they had something in common and were able to fight without ruining their friendship, hence, a friend indeed. The forth brave soul, Selina mentioned that she had 1000 friends on facebook but less than 10 real friends. When she posted a post on her frustration, there was a few friends whom called up to check on her and even offered advices, companionship or supporting financially and emotionally. She wrapped up that friends were not about being physically available in time of need but being caring in line with the topic “A time when a friend was there for you?”. The fifth brave soul, Benedict gave an entertaining and humorous speech on the topic “Man’s best friend”. Benedict said that humans needed each other to support themselves. Instead of the usual answer on Man’s best friend was a dog, he gave an innovative answer that man could not produce offsprings without woman. Despite the bros before hers code, woman was Man’s best friend physiologically, biologically and spiritually. He ended with a teasing statement that practise healthy and safe relationship to achieve wealth in man.

The meeting continued with round robin session, chaired by Rubein. Each attendee of the meeting was given 10 seconds to speak and based on the last word spoken by previous person. Everyone had a good laugh as again, the session was centered around Rubein but this time started off on his imaginary relationship and ended with joking on his gender preference.

Whenever there was a speech, there would be an evaluation session in toastmasters learning environment. Table topic evaluator, Jocelyn used a technique to evaluate which was stating two points on each speaker’s strength and one area of improvement. She applauded Wai Hong whom took up the challenge for table topic when he had just entered the room without warming up the seat. She complimented Wai Hong’s steady performance on confident and clear delivery of speech. Her suggestion for him was to talk slower and introduce vocal variety. For the other speakers, generally, Jocelyn commented on vocal variety and praised on the approach on engaging audience with questions.

Preparation is the first step of success. During the project speeches, project speakers gave wonderful speeches with were the fruits of committed preparations. The first speaker, Benedict took on an unexpected approach on CC#2 Organise your speech entitled “Drive You Crazy”. He was speaking on Malaysian drivers’ on the road behaviours. Outlining three parts of his speech : Strengths of Malaysian Drivers, Key Areas of Malaysian Drivers and Keys for Improvement. He added elements of humorous at each point of the three parts of his speech. For instance, Malaysian drivers had great reaction time given that when a passer-by used the power of hand to cue car driver to stop and let him or her crossing a road; Another strength was efficient to create parking space from thin air; Key area in paying attention to handphone message notification light in a more alert manner than to a traffic light; Improve on using window of opportunity to throw rubbish from the inside of the car; Car honk is not a musical instrument. He ended his speech with a call of action to seek elevation in the art of Malaysian driving, certainly drive you crazy. He was truly a rising star as evaluated by his speech evaluator, William Cheong from Mid Valley Toastmaster Club.

On the second speaker, Muhammad Ali from Inti College Toastmaster Club gave a sick and sincere speech as commented by speech evaluator, Jerrie Yeap from Subang Toastmaster Club. As commented by his speech evaluator, he captured the audiences constant anticipation with his speech entitled “The point is…” from project CC3# Get to the Point. His speech was on his life stories on being an introvert from primary school to secondary school and finally his current university life in a chronological manner. He used to being teased on his name such as Ali Café and Tongkat Ali. Progressing on his speech, he shared how he was sad that friends from primary school and secondary school whom made promises to keep in touch but lost contact shortly after each stage of life. His speech was utmost relevant to the theme of the meeting. There was an element of gratitude and joy when he finally found his clique of friends during his ongoing pre-university study. However, in the light of surrounded by good friendships and thus with a heavy heart, he made a life decision to change to a different pre-university course for his future.

Our division champion and representative for district champion in Toastmasters International Speech Contest, Rubein gave the last speech for the day on ACM Special Occasions #3: The Roast entitled “The Man…”. He gave a toast to Immediate-Past-President, Ivan on his efforts during his presidential period as he was witnessing and assisting as Vice-President of Education. He compared Ivan’s way of running the club to the nation’s economy in a humorous approach. When the EXCO of the term in Ivan’s presidency decided to increase membership fee due to drop in national currency value, Toastmaster International decided to increase the membership as well. He shared on Ivan’s conviction to make it President’s Distinguished Club status for the 11th consecutive years during his presidency. Inspired by Ivan, they worked closely together to make it happen. There were challenges including people went missing in the process of completing Competent Communicator manual. He found back-up but when the back-up did not make it, he stood-in to take action. At the end, Sunway Toastmaster Club did achieve President’s Distinguished Club for the 11th consecutive years. It was an impactful speech as Ivan reiterated that he would be the strong man behind Rubein as Immediate-Past-President at the end of our first meeting for the new term 2016/2017. Truly, as commented by speech evaluator, Azwan from Deloitte Toastmaster Club, Rubein’s speech was making fun of Ivan yet able to achieve a good feeling.

Subsequently, General evaluator, Eng Suan, a visiting toastmaster from Johor gave comments on each roleplayer’s performance. On Toastmaster Master of the Evening role, he gave a tip on the way of introducing speakers by following mnemonic “POETS”, which meant Project title, Organized, Evaluator, Time given & Title and Speaker. He advised that apart from reporting filler words, ah counter could sum up by counting the number of filler words. As for language evaluator, he suggested to print different forms of the word of the day such as adjective, verb, noun and adverb. In addition, he advised speech evaluators to give specific examples to add more value in the evaluation. Next, in a consecutive order, language evaluator, Thaneswary from Sunway University Toastmaster Club, ah counter, Ethan Ganes from Sunway University Toastmaster Club and timekeeper gave a report on the meeting progress. Then, best table topic speaker was awarded to Benedict, best evaluator was awarded to Azwan and best speaker to Rubein.

President, Rubein closed the meeting with an announcement that there is no taboo on politics, religion and sex in the club, followed by, other announcements on respective club meetings time by visiting toastmasters. In addition, President, Rubein encouraged the participation of members to join Division C appreciation dinner on 27th August whereby there would award recognition ceremony for Ivan as President for previous term 2015/2016. Lastly, Edrea from PR team announced that the club newsletter will be named as “The Voices” with upcoming issue scheduled in mid of October. As the name sounds, members are strongly encouraged to contribute their thoughts by writing articles on any current issues, topics which you are passionate about or project speeches with valuable lessons. Any members whom like to be heard and generous to share may approach anyone from the PR team lead by Vice-President of Public Relations, Bob which consists of Edrea, Benedict, Alicia and Hui Jen.

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