Toastmasters Vocabulary

Compiled by Mike Raffety, DTM

AC Any of AC-B, AC-S or AC-G (formerly ATM, Able Toastmaster or Advanced Toastmaster)
AC-B Advanced Communicator Bronze educational award (formerly ATM-B, Advanced Toastmaster Bronze award, comes after CC)
AC-S Advanced Communicator Silver educational award (formerly ATM-S, comes after AC-B)
AC-G Advanced Communicator Gold educational award (formerly ATM-G, comes after AC-S)
AG Area Governor (serves 3-7 clubs)
AL-B Advanced Leadership Bronze educational award (comes after CL)
AL-S Advanced Leadership Silver educational award (comes after AL-B)
AREA 3-7 clubs make up an area with an Area Governor
AS Accredited Speaker
ATM Able Toastmaster (ended about 1997, replaced with ATM-B and later AC-B awards)
C&L Communications and Leadership (as in C&L award)
CC Competent Communicator educational award (first award, formerly Competent Toastmaster or CTM)
CL Competent Leadership award
CSP Club Success Plan (putting names and dates to the DCP)
CTM Competent Toastmaster award (replaced by the CC about 2006)
DC District Council, club presidents and VP-Eds and DEC, meets twice a year
DCP Distinguished Club Plan
DDP Distinguished District Plan
DEC District Executive Committee (AGs, DivGs, top three and a few more)
DISTRICT 60-300 clubs make up a district with areas and divisions
DIVG Division Governor (serves 3-7 areas)
DIVISION 3-7 areas make up a division with a Division Governor
DG District Governor (serves 4-6 divisions, 60-300 clubs)
DSP District Success Plan
DTM Distinguished Toastmaster award (comes after AC-G and AL-S, or “Don’t Time Me”)
GE General Evaluator
ID International Director (14 globally, 1 per region; 2010-11 has 16 globally)
IP International President (one globally, also President-elect, 1st VP, and 2nd VP)
IPDG Immediate Past District Governor
IPP Immediate Past International President
LDREXEC Leadership Excellence Award, WHQ uses this to track completion of the High Performance Leadership project
LGET Lieutenant Governor Education & Training (district level)
LGM Lieutenant Governor Marketing (district level)
OCL Old CL award, available until 6/30/08, similar to new AL-B
PDG Past District Governor
PID Past International Director
PIP Past International President
PRO Public Relations Officer (district)
REGION 4-8 districts make up a region; there are 14 regions globally
S@A/SAA Sergeant at Arms (club)
TI Toastmasters International
TLI Toastmasters Leadership Institute (club officer training and more)
TM Toastmasters
TMOD Toastmaster of the Day (of the meeting)
TTM Table Topics Master
TRIO District Governor, LGET, and LGM (district) (formerly .Top Three.)
VP Vice President (any of VP-Ed, VP-Mem, or VP-PR)
VPE Vice President Education (club)
VPM Vice President Membership (club)
VPPR Vice President Public Relations (club)
WCPS World Champion of Public Speaking
WHQ World Headquarters (see TI)

An education award with a “P” prepended means “pending”, that WHQ has some question to clarify before issuing the award.


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