Sunway TMC Vision and Mission

“Every event a C.H.U.N. + F.U.N. experience”

 Sunway Toastmasters Club will work towards ensuring that “Every event” – every meeting, event, club contest, and gathering is a…

C-onsistently (know what to expect, reliable)

H-igh-quality (top-notch, “smooth” events)

U-nforgettable (memorable, talked about after event!)

N-oteworthy (impactful, useful, knowledge-enhancing)


F-ellowship (friendly, sharing & caring)

U-nited (in one common belief)

N-etwork (togetherness in one heart)

…”experience” – leaves you with a long-lasting impression

Club Mission

Provide mutually supportive environment

We look forward to YOUR active participation in making this vision a reality!