Sunway TMC History

The idea of setting up Sunway Toastmasters Club was first mooted in October 1987 by Kelab Sukan Sunway (KSS), the sports club of the Sunway Group (then known as the Sungei Way Group). Together with D’Utama Toastmasters Club as the sponsoring club, a public speaking seminar was held, followed by a “mock” Toastmasters meeting at Sunway College, the regular meeting venue.

This culminated in the birth of the Sunway Toastmasters Club on 22nd December 1987. Official recognition of the club was given by Toastmasters International on 22nd August 1988 when the club was granted it’s charter and was accordingly designated as Sunway Toastmasters Club 7086 in District 51, Division C, Area C4 in the world’s directory of Toastmasters Clubs.