11 June 2015 – Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

It is an irony that the simple theme itself ‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’ can be as complicated. This quote is authored by no other than Leonardo da Vinci, who is an artist, mathematician, inventor and writer. Often enough, we want to achieve a lot of dreams at the same time, because we believe that is what it takes to be successful in career and in life. But due to lack of crystal clear focus on every dream, we may end up doing nothing, achieving very little in life. Hence, we need to prioritise what is important to us, and have our full attention to tackle the tasks. We should strive to simplify our life with less complication so that our life is more fulfilling. The ability to simplify complications is an art.

The lively table topics session was hosted by the Table Topics Master, Bob. Aaron Koh attempted the table topics, speaking about experiences traveling in other countries; Ryan taught us about how to communicate effectively to ensure successful friendship; Hazel inspired us with a short advice on making most of of life. while Paul described to us his perfect job.

The project speech session is an exciting session with many speakers attempting advance manual speeches. First speaker, Jocelyn Sam attempted CC#6 with her speech title, “Juggling Life”. Jocelyn spoke about the act of balance for important things in live: family, friends, health, spirit and work. Second speaker, Kayment attempted The Entertaining Speaker #5: Speaking after dinner. Kayment shared with us his experience as a student in university, about his studies, friends and lecturers. Third speaker, Danny Bong attempted Speaking to Inform #5: The Abstract Concept, with his speech title ” Motion Flow” Danny educated us about how to choose TV base on FPS and the technology that goes into motion pictures. Lastly, Rubein did his Successful Club Series with his speech title “Going Beyond Our Club”, informing all the roles and responsibilities, and areas that can contribute to personal growth for the members.

DSC_1032 DSC_1033

Best Table Topics, Hazel Ong, Best Evaluator, Alireza Parpaei

DSC_1034 DSC_1036

Best Speaker, Jocelyn Sam and our newly minted Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) winner, Rubein.

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