14 November 2014 – Best Lessons That I Never Learned

Some of the most important lessons in our lives were not learned in school but through life changing experiences. 

Invocation speaker, Law Hui Hwang, TM, encouraged everyone to have a positive outlook in life. He reminded us that we choose our own sufferings and ended his speech by urging the audience to learn to learn.

The table topics session started with a speech delivered with much gusto by a visiting guest, Jonathan Moh, ACB, CL. He is the president of the Sunway University Toastmasters Club. During his speech entitles ‘The Most Frightening Spirit In My Life’, he related an incident where he was hit by a motorcyclist. Despite this spirit of ‘fear’, he persuaded the audience to never give up.

The second speaker, Maha, chose the topic ‘My First Lessob in Life’. Shespoke about her story of receiving a phone call which was a breaking point in her life. She shared with the audience the lesson she learnt- never to give in to requests that harm you.

Melvin Cheah, ACS, ALB, tackled the next topic ‘My First Holiday’. He enthralled everyone with his experience of visiting New Zealand with his wife.

The fourth speaker, Shirley, fascinated the audience with her personal experience of delivery during her speech ‘The Most Unforgettable Moment in My Life’.

Choo Tze Shien, TM, kept the audience entertained with his speech ‘The Most Embarassing Moment in My Life’. He humoured the audience with his experience with his tired friend in university.

During the Humour Session, Bob Hansen, TM, never failed to keep the audience smiling and laughing by sharing his experience of watching a movie in the cinema while he was still single.

Finally, it was the project speakers’ turn to present. Tze Hsien, delivered his ice breaker, ‘Me and My Idiosyncrasies’, by relating to the audience his interest in technology and how he values punctuality very much. His evaluator, Ivan Chow, CC, congratulated him on his unconventional icebreaker, confidence and good command of the english language.

Kristine Yee, TM, presented her CC#2 entitled ‘The Pursuit’, by sharing stories about famous people who haved braved many challenges in their life. She ended her speech by encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams. Melvin, her evaluator, commended her on her incorporation of a take-home message in her speech.

Alan Tung, TM, engaged the audience through his speech ‘My Secret of Getting a Young Face’. He generously shared with the audience his secret to his youthful look- by enjoying life. Yoong Hean, ACB, CL, evaluated Alan’s speech by stating that it had a clear message and that Alan would make a good life guru.

Lastly, Danny Bong, ACS, CL, gave an advanced speech entitled ‘The Future is Here’. With the aid of slides, he persuaded the audience to invest in a 4K television and never failed to inject humour every now and then. His evaluator, Jonathan, applauded Danny for meeting the requirements of the project speech.


Best project speaker- Danny Bong


Best Evaluator and Table Topics Speaker- Jonathan Moh

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