24 August 2014 – Borderless Friendship

group photo

In conjunction with the Toastmasters International Convention 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Sunway TMC is honored to host a joint meeting with Awakening TMC from Sri Lanka. The meeting is a significant event in the history of Sunway TMC, as this is the first time, in 26 years of history, that Sunway TMC is hosting a joint meeting with an international TMC. The theme of the joint meeting is “Borderless Friendship”, aptly chosen for this special meeting.  The meeting started with the Sergeant-At-Arms, Hazel, calling for the meeting to order, followed by the invocation speaker session, led by our fellow Sri Lankan TM from Awakening TMC,  Kamil Hussain.

President of Sunway TMC, Yoong Hean, delivered a heartwarming opening speech to spread our arms in welcoming our Sri Lankan TM friends and stresses the significant joint meeting that is taking place at the moment. Toastmasters-of-the-Day, Ivan Chow took over control of the meeting and introduces the history of Toastmasters International and Sunway Toastmasters Club, especially for the benefit of our Sri Lankan friends. The language evaluator, Hazel, introduces the work of the day “elated”, which means full of spirit, exhilaration, pride or optimism.

The Awakening TMC introduced something new into the meeting – Round Robin session. In the Round Robin Master presents a topic or a rolling story which is then responded to by each person present in turn. The first person picked by the Round Robin Master start the story and the next person picks up from where the first person stopped, until everyone in the meeting gets a chance to speak. Each person is allocated 20 seconds each. The topic of the Round Robin session is the “Toastmasters International Convention”. While this is a regular session in the Awakening Toastmasters club, it was something new in the Sunway Toastmasters Club. Everyone was given a chance to speak and the atmosphere was very jubilant. Everyone was in high spirits as they waited for their turn to speak.

Next up, the table topic masters, Wai Hong from Sunway TMC took over. The theme for today’s table topic is Toastmasters International Convention. Once again, it is a very special session, with not only one, but three table topic evaluators evaluating our table topic speakers. The first person to attempt the table topic is Calvin. Calvin spoke about his opinions on the pros and cons of migrating aboard. Calvin reasoned that especially for parents, they would like to migrate for the sake of better education and future for their children. However, Malaysia is a wonderful country to live in, and he will miss all the good food in Malaysia if he chose to migrate. Next up, Maffaz spoke about his experience in attending the Toastmasters International Convention, his elation when he met with so many wonderful speakers from all over the world, and the valuable advice and guidelines he learned from all other toastmasters will be helpful for him to further make awakening toastmasters better. He was followed by Marikar, who spoke about his experience in traveling to an unknown country. Marikar spoke extensively about his first time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, wherein he found himself in a country that he has never traveled before. He closed his speech with the desire to return to Malaysia with his family for a visit. Eng Suan then kept us all in suspense when he spoke about his experience in maintaining a long distance relationship. It was, sadly, a heartbreaking experience, and his word of advice to us “never, ever start a long distance relationship”. Mustafa then took the speech to talk about revisiting a long lost friend, and finally, Fairuz wrapped up the table topic session by speaking about social media’s role in enabling borderless friendship.

storytelling workshop

Both the Sunway TMC and Awakening TMC members are in for a treat today for a storytelling workshop conducted by none other than the Prince of Storytellers, Tom Ware! Hailed from Australia, Tom is a masterful storyteller that captivated the audience with his vivid, descriptive and suspenseful story, capable of delivering a climatic line that blows the audience off the seats.  He shared with us the story of the professor and the sailor, as well as snippets of “The Titanic Story” stories as examples of good storytelling.

The project speech session commenced with the first speaker, Bob delivered his CC#6: Vocal Variety, with his speech title “Lessons from Rich Mom”. Bob shared the lessons he learned from his rich mom, which, surprisingly not a lesson in wealth and financial management, but a lesson in life ingrained with three core principles – self-confidence, humility and persistence. With these three principles as guiding light, Bob strive to be a wholesome person in every aspect of his life.

The next speaker, Ishfaq, delivered his CC#9: Research Your Topic, with his speech title “Is This The End”. Ishfaq opened his speech with an attention grabbing question of “Is oil running out?” followed by a well-researched topic on the global oil and gas situation that affects the price of oil in the market. He ended his speech with facts that kept our minds thinking every time we fill petrol into our vehicle.

Ying Ying attempted her Advanced Speech from The Entertaining Speaker #3: Make Them Laugh with her speech title “My Boyfriend”. Ying Ying painstakingly announced that she can’t eat, sleep, drive, or even function without her “boyfriend”. In fact, without her boyfriend, she experiences nervous breakdown and go hysteric. Further on, she revealed to everyone this mysterious “boyfriend” that makes her so crazy: her smartphone. She further stressed that she is not alone and everyone, and everyone are so engrossed with their smartphone that they risk hurting their necks, and she, like everyone else should cherish face-to-face communication instead of relying too much on smartphones.

Our last speaker, Muhammed, also attempted an Advanced Speech from The Persuasive Speaking #5: The Persuasive Leader with his speech title “The Price of Greatness is Responsibility”. Muhammed delivered an inspirational speech about his experience as a young President of the Awakening TMC and how, as the least experienced person among older, experienced members, he was chosen as the President of the club. He asked the question, “How can you gain experience without given a chance?” As the club trusted him and given him the chance to bear the responsibility as the President, it is his responsibility to ensure that he is capable of leading the club. If he is not given the chance, how could he prove to himself and others that he is capable of greatness? Even if he is not there yet, as he was entrusted the responsibility, he will prove his worth by delivering nothing but greatness. Muhammed ended his speech with a powerful message, “It doesn’t matter who you are, it matters what you do”

The GE, Tom Ware, interestingly commented some of the difference of TM meetings conducted in Australia, versus the meeting conducted by Sunway TMC. Everyone learned from each other and brought home something new back to their own club in respective countries.

The President of Awakening TMC delivered the closing address, highlighting the similarity and contrast between Sunway TMC and Awakening TMC. Both TMC are led by young Presidents, and Awakening TMC is 8 months old in comparison with Sunway TMC’s 26 years of history. It was truly a friendship bonded through understanding and common interest. The President of Awakening ended his speech by urging Sunway TMC to visit Awakening TMC in Sri Lanka.

best table topics

Best Table Topic Speaker, Marikar

best project speech

Best Project Speech, Muhammed Sheikh Mohammad

best evaluator

Best Evaluator, Murphy

token of appreciation

President of Awakening TMC presentation a token of appreciation to President of Sunway TMC

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