10 July 2014 – New Dawn, New Day, New Life

“Every day is a new beginning, the building of a habit. Every action is a step in some direction. There is no pause in living.”  – Anna White, author of Mended.

The first theme for the term 2014/15 is aptly named as “New Dawn, New Day, New Life”. Invocation speaker, Jocelyn Sam shared about the excitement of starting a fresh new term and wishing the club a fruitful term ahead. Table Topics Master took over the session with 5 wonderful participants each telling a different story:

Timothy Tan spoke about “A Life Changing Experience”, Janice shared about “A Person Who Has Made a Positive Impact in My Life”. Our banker, Sze Chi, lamented on his “Biggest Regret in My Life”, while Theresa, a 13 years old guest, braved a topic on “Things I Wanted To Do Before I Die” speaking about her dreams, hopes and aspiration to grow up and be a wholesome adult. Lastly, Geraldyn spoke on “The Things I Can’t Live Without”. Her sentiments were shared by many of us in the meeting – we all can’t live without our smartphones.

Moving on we have 5 project speakers for the night as well.

Hazel Ong attempted CC Project # 2 with her speech title “The Ultimate Pie”. The ultimate pie in life is the humble pie. This pie filled with humility, gratitude and profound respect, and everyone should have a slice of this pie to make the world a better place.

Loh Jian Kit attempted CC Project # 4 with the title “Born Loser”. Jian Kit, a high spirited and motivated member, took part in many competitions but did not win. Instead of giving up, Jian Kit shared that he strove to work harder to improve his skills and at the same time, take the past experience as lessons learnt and made new friends in the process.

Teo Hao Yun attempted CC Project # 5 with the title “The Mind and The Body”, explaining the intricacy of the link between the mind and the body. The mind is sthe strategist that shapes the idea, and the body executes the idea. A strong mind can resist temptation, while good body gestures can boost confidence. To harness both the power of the mind and body, is the ultimate goal.

We have two advanced project speeches today, with Ivan Chow attempted Speeches by Management #1: The Briefing with the title “Together we RISE”. Ivan highlighted three goals in his speech: to improve Toastmasters in area C4, to strengthen relationship between members and to have a proper success plan. Ivan also discussed activities that are to be planned to let the members mingle and have fun, alongside achieving our learning objectives.

Selina Chong attempting Persuasive Speaking # 3 with the title “The Winning Proposal”, persuading everyone to put their heads and hands together to organize a “Speech Craft” event to train Toastmaster members and non-members alike in public speaking, while at the same time bringing prospective members into the club. The organizing committee can take this opportunity to improve themselves as well. It is a win-win situation.


Best Table Topic Speaker: Timothy Tan

Best Project Speech Speaker: Teo Hao Yun

Best Project Speech Speaker: Teo Hao Yun

Best Evaluator: Arunadevi

Best Evaluator: Arunadevi

Uniquely, we experienced our first meeting of the term in the dark, bathed by the glow of member’s smartphone. Although TNB decided to complicate our meeting, we still managed to scrape through. After all, life is a matter of perspective and such incident could be positive or negative, depending on how we see it. Managing a crisis such as this is no easy feat, and the Toastmaster of the Evening, Lim Ing Kien, did a wonderful job to ensure the meeting is a wonderful and memorable start of the term.

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