Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments

Life isn’t a Matter of Milestones, but of Moments
By Na E-Chuen

27th March 2014 – It’s another Thursday night with Sunway Toastmaster meeting! Although the weather was cold after the heavy rain, we were still able to feel the warm and enthusiasm from the fellow members and guests.

Time flies! We had come to the 17th meeting of the term and also the end of the first quarter of the year 2014. Some of us may have took a look at their New Year resolutions, and begin to list the milestones that they have achieved. With the theme “Life isn’t a Matter of Milestones, but of Moments”, our Invocation Speaker Teo Hao Yun shared with us how much precious time and how many once-in-a-life-time moments that we would miss if we went into the prisons.

In President’s welcoming speech, our Madam President, Arunadevi introduced us to the presence of the General Evaluator, Shel Ling, who had been awarded as the Toast Master of the Year for District 51. Madam President had also welcomed and appreciated the attendance of members from other clubs. Our Toastmaster of the Evening, Rubein then took over the meeting and started to introduce the role players of the evening.

Moving on to the Table Topic Session, we were glad to inform that we had 9 brave and amazing speakers to volunteer them in this impromptu session. Our 1st speaker, Lincoln Leong had chosen the topic “It’s Monday” prepared by the Table Topic Master, Ong Ming Kiat. We used to say “Thanks God it’s Friday!” However, Lincoln shared with us how would successful looking forward for Monday as an opportunity to do great things. The 2nd speaker, Yoong Hean talked about his “First Day” experience to attend Toastmaster meeting and learned that leaders can be made, but not born. With the topic of Your Saddest Moment, we had our guest, Adrian as the 3rd speaker to share with us how his saddest moment became the happiest moment in his life.

Our 4th speaker, Vishmun had chosen the topic “Holiday” whereas Dexter as the 5th speaker shared with us his “Result Day”. The 6th speaker, Timothy had also enlightened us with his “Best Moment” to have find reflection and perfection when he looked into the mirror. The 7th and 8th speakers, Razif and Steve shared their “Unhealthy Moment” and “Healthiest Moment” respectively. Hao Yun as the last speaker spoke about his “Proudest Moment” for being grown taller. It was our pleasure to have Yean Yi from Taylor’s University Toastmaster Club as the Table Topic Evaluator to provide areas of improvement to the amazing speakers.

After the refreshment break, we went to the most awaited session, Project Speech Session! Hazel started off with her ice breaker speech entitled “As if it was yesterday”. She phrased her life into three periods, from primary school to secondary school and to where she is today, the college life. Another ice breaker, Amanda also shared her story on gardening as her hobby when she was young. She then enlightened us with her stressful life during secondary school and how she coped with stress in life. Standing ovation was given to the two ice breakers of the meeting.

Our last speaker of the evening was Adrian with the topic “Life is Sadness”. He taught us the three simple ways that we can be happy which are upsetting our life in sadness, sharing our life in sadness and also transforming our life in sadness. It will be a great relieve for sad people if we could give them a hug or even just a pad on shoulders. Chew Shel Ling, our General Evaluator of the evening, then leaded the team of evaluators to provide feedback for the speakers.

The meeting is concluded with the award presentation. There was no best project speaker for the night. However, congrats to Lincoln Leong who had been awarded as the Best Table Topic Speaker and our Madam President Arunadevi who won the Best Evaluator!

We ended the meeting earlier than the scheduled time. It’s definitely a CHUN & FUN Thursday night with fellow Toastmasters and we hope to see everyone again in the coming meeting(s)!

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