Featured Speakers: Everlin Wong, CC and Dr. Alvin Teoh, ATMS

Everlin Wong, CC

Is looks just skin deep? Does it have an impact on your work?  Not sure what to wear for your upcoming job interview? In our upcoming workshop, our featured speaker, Everlin Wong, will share with us on how we could be at our best with regards to attire, grooming and making presentations at work.
Everlin is the founder and creator of “Success Secrets of Opening a Boutique”. Her flair in fashion came from over 10 years in the retail fashion industry. The idea sparked when she was actively helping out her sister in starting up boutique business.  Her  experience and lessons learnt in her years of facing a variety of challenges in the competitive fashion industry has provided insights to help entrepreneurs around the world to open their own boutique. Testimonials from her clients can be viewed at http://www.openingboutique.com/

Come and learn from Everlin as she shares with us how we can look our best at work.


Dr. Alvin Teoh, ATMS

Do you want to know how to hold on to your man? Would you like to erase the memory of someone else from his mind? What would you do if the one you love is stubbornly against your advice?

Dr.Alvin Teoh is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Semantics, NLP, Hypnosis & Time-Lines. He has also been featured on air over RED FM and Capital FM. Dr. Alvin  has recently launched a new book entitled “How to Hypnotize your Husband before someone else does”  which is now available at major book stores.  In his line of work, Dr. Alvin has touched the lives of many people through his relationship-based seminars. Come and listen from the book author himself!! In the meantime, you can find out more about it by visiting: http://www.how-to-hypnotize-your-husband.blogspot.com/

Come and learn from these two outstanding speakers as they share with us interesting insights which will prove useful to us.
Date         : 14 April 2011
Time       : 7:00 PM
Venue    : Sunway University, Room SE 2.16
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