Presidential Speech [22nd July 08]

Commitment. This value is more important than any skills, knowledge & experience anyone can have.  I realized that my progress in toastmasters improved by leaps and bounds soon after I first committed to be the Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA) of the club three years ago. The first commitment I made to myself at that time was; to fulfill my role as SAA by attending club meetings regularly. It was a simple goal, and yet, difficult to achieve due to my hectic work schedule. Over the years, I learnt how to honor every word I said and every promise I made. It is by the act of honoring my commitments in toastmasters, that made me took baby steps, one by one, a step at a time, towards becoming a better communicator.

Self-improvement, be it in toastmasters or in life, takes commitment; because without it, we will take our own sweet time to achieve our goals. In the 2008/09 term, I’m honored to be given the lead role to bring Sunway Toastmasters to a higher level. I am committed to achieving President’s Distinguished Club, the highest club award in Toastmasters International. With the newly elected team of EXCOs, I believe we will achieve more than what we have set out for. We will continue to uphold the C.H.U.N. & F.U.N. spirit in every member, every meeting & every event. We will continuously bring in new ideas, new concepts & new excitement.

10/10 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) points is my commitment. What is yours?!

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