Club’s Goal to Achieve 10 DCP!

It is our club’s goal to achieve 10 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Points for the term 2008/09. As of today, we have achieve 1/10 DCP point!

Thanks to Simon, Yi Jieh, Aruna, Eveline, Selina, Danny & myself whom helped the club gain another 1/2 point by attending the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) training last Saturday. Every club is required to send minimum 4 EXCO members to attend this training in order to qualify for 1/2 DCP points. Sunway Toastmasters recorded full EXCO attendance!! I really appreciate the full attendance despite Selina & Yi Jieh had some other commitments on that day.

Many thanks to Chew Teck Seng who was also present as a committee member. It was a great learning experience & I believe our board of EXCOs are now fully geared towards achieving the remaining 9 DCP Points for the club. We are now fully motivated to help each member achieve their respective toastmasters goal & become the best that they can be!

For the benefit of new members, the Remaining 9 DCP Points will come from:

2 members completing CC                                    –    1 DCP point

2 more members completing CC                           –    1 DCP point

1 member completing ACB/ACS/ACG                   –    1 DCP point

1 more member completing ACB/ACS/ACG          –    1 DCP point

1 member completing CL/ALB/ALS/DTM              –    1 DCP point

1 more member completing CL/ALB/ALS/DTM     –    1 DCP point

4 new members                                                     –    1 DCP point

4 more new members                                            –    1 DCP point

Minimum 4 EXCOs trained in Dec 08                     –    1/2 DCP point

Treasurer submit dues renewal by Oct 08              –    1/2 DCP point

 By achieving all 10 DCP Points, Sunway Toastmasters will receive the recognition President’s Distinguished Club Award and this is what makes the club stands out from the rest!

 Now that we know about the club’s goals, it’s time to work on your own goals.

Together, we achieve more!!

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